Gary Vee Advice That Made Me $10,000,000 (no one listens to this) this was something i was doing back in 2000-2003 and gary talked about it when i met him in 2006… the advice is NOT something people talk about but it can help you earn a lot if done right

ok so watch this entire video for a HUGE AH HA moment. if you listen to gary vaynerchuck vee… this is gonna help you get the point.

i met gary vee about 15 years ago and really paid attention to one bit of advice but more importantly what he was DOING. not what he was saying.

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watch this entire video at least one time all the way thru as the ah ha moments will only come when you watch the entire video.

remember this is a business – there are risks and rewards and the average person trying to make money online makes nothing. follow all the rules and laws in your area.

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