in this video marcus shows you some simple ways to take advantage of amazon prime days massive sales machine.

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Amazon Prime Day 2019 Was The LARGEST Shopping Event In Amazon’s History raking in over 7 billion dollars in sales.

the top deals from last year (and they are usually similar every year) were…

kindle readers and memberships
amazon tv fire sticks
amazon subscriptions and services
amazon echo
Tv sets
instant pot cooker
23 and me dna kits
ring dorbells
egg cookers
fancy toothbrushes
and more

once you have your page created… you need to understand a few things…

1. understanding how amazon cookie works
2. cookie early, cookie often, get your visitors to click

Now… its time to drive some traffic… since amazon prime day is tomorrow you will want to rely on some fast traffic methods to get some sales.

1. finding your audience on the cheap or even free PPC, facebook ads, medium posts, forums, videos, ect
2. create lists, lists, and more lists (you could even do a press release)
3. youtube, facebook live, demonstration videos
4. bulk ad arbitrage… get curiosity

remember… amazon pays very little comission so you will need to rely on massive numbers or use this massive traffic to build a mailing list for even more sales down the road.

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