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at video marketing world 2018 i had the chance to sit down and interview an entrepreneur i really look up to and admire… these are the 25 success tips and our fireside chat 🙂

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Tip #1: Try Something
Tip #2: Find Something Missing In Your Niche Community
Tip #3: Use Your Pain To Help Others And Grow Your Business
Tip #4: Don’t Expect Your First TRY To Work Perfectly
Tip #5: Continue To Make Quality Content For Your Market
Tip #6: Start Before Having A Perfect Strategy
Tip #7: If You Love It And Keep Going… YOU WIN!
Tip #8: Focus On Serving Your Market
Tip #9: Let The Struggle Motivate You
Tip #10: Model Something That Works
Tip #11: Find The Feeling In Your Pain That Others Want To Avoid In Life
Tip #12: Find The Model Of What You DID To Get The Result Others Want
Tip #13: Have Integrity In Your Business
Tip #14: Have Laser Focus And Intent In Everything You Do
Tip #15: YOU Are The Value
Tip #16: Play The Big Long Term Game
Tip #17: Focus On A Goal That FITS Your Model
Tip #18: Stick To Your Mission Statement Or Value Proposition
Tip #19: Consistancy
Tip #20: Progress ALWAYS Beats Perfection
Tip #21: Look For Shortcuts And Hacks To Get Out Of A Rut
Tip #22: Play By The Rules
Tip #23: Make Your Actions Match Your Ambitions
Tip #24: Put In The Work
Tip #25: Spend 5% On Planning 95% On Doing

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