Forget Walmart, Goodwill, And Retail Hauls – Resell This!

A lot of videos out there are showing people going to walmart target goodwill and other places to find products cheap and resell them online, and these are known as product hauls. But today i’m going to show you something a little different something i’ve been using for years to make money without having to have a bunch of product, a bunch of risks or even spending a bunch of money. That’S right in my product haul, i’m gon na reveal some products that i bought for as little as eight dollars that sold for over seven grand so buckle up. This is gon na, be a fun ride, come on.

Let’S go to work. This spreadsheet contains 94 domains that i bought over the last two months, totaling a spend of 14 851 meaning i spent on average 158 dollars per name, and the main thing i need to figure out is what i have to do to get my 158 dollars per Domain back as a whole on this entire hall or lot, and it’s very important that we look at this as a whole, because i don’t want to take each individual domain and say i need to get 158 on this because that’s not exactly how it works and Using that mindset, i could be missing out on the big sales like i talked about earlier, so i need to look at this and say what are the odds that i could sell all these and get fifteen thousand dollars or more so that i could be in Profit, and with that in mind, what we’re going to do is we’re going to value the domains two separate ways: the first way we’re going to value the name is name alone. What is the actual domain name worth alone like if i have What is it actually worth to a buyer based on what other people are buying?

The second way we are going to value these domains is based on previous rankings. Okay, we’re going to look at domains that ranked in google that have search engine rankings that have traffic and everything like that and we’re going to value them. Based on that, these are two criterias i look at and what i want to do is have the lowest success chance of getting my hundred and fifty dollars back per domain as possible. I want to make this so easy that i could liquidate these at any time and get my cash back. That’S very important because when you’re running a business you need to have cash positive, we can’t go in the negative, because then we can’t buy anything that we can sell anymore, we’re kind of stuck and when we’re stuck we’re out of business.

This is why businesses fail

Based on the rank alone, can i get 150 or more and then i want to have what’s called a backout plan? What is a backout plan that i can use if i’m sitting around with a bunch of domains? Let’S say, for example, on this list, i only sell 10 of the domains and i’m stuck with 84 domains that nobody’s really knocking down the door to get to. What am i going to do in that case and we’re going to talk to you about that back out plan in just a little bit?

But first, let’s take a look at these names and look at what they’re worth based on the name alone, and in order to do that, we’re going to use the godaddy appraisal tool. Now i want you to remember that you want to use the godaddy appraisal tool with a grain of salt, because it’s not an exact amount, saying hey. This is exactly what someone’s going to buy your domain for it’s more of a rule of thumb, so, instead of just paying attention to this estimated value over here, take a look at the other domains and see, if they’re related to what your domain’s about and then Kind of do some critical thinking and think about what would this domain be used for who’s going to use it? Why would they use it, and everything like that? So in this example, i can see spike it hard dot com which could either be like an alcohol business or a volleyball business right so either or could work.

We could actually use other tools, like the ahrefs keyword tool, to see what used to be on this domain name and again. If you don’t have the ahrefs keyword tool, you can use the free tool over at wayback machine. You can use the hoth free tool which we’ll talk about in just a minute, but here on spike it hard, we could see that it was about volleyball and it actually does have some current rankings. So it’s looking pretty cool. It is a volleyball related site um, which is really good like i can go out there and i can use that now.

We can see over here that there are some related domains with easy hard down stuff like that. We can also see down here, uh spark. It forward punch it out very similar type domains that are going for this uh amount here anywhere from like 300 up to 1700 1800, which is pretty cool, so i’m looking at this one, i’m like okay. This looks pretty good. Can i get a thousand bucks?

I don’t know. Maybe let’s try something like spike and we’ll use the word volleyball or something like that. That way we get domains that sold with the word volleyball in them and see what those went for. So we got like spike volley which went for 900 uh viper soccer slime soccer down. Here we have baseball, play, volleyball went for three thousand dollars, so this one’s looking pretty good, i think spike it hard could get some good money.

We could see that went for 25, 000, actually more than 25 000 and then down here. We can kind of see what’s going on and see what stuff is selling. We can even just put some random characters and see if they show different volleyball stuff or whatever. It is and see what’s being sold super volleyball that went for uh 2100, so we’re looking pretty good here.

We got better volleyball 1200. So i’m thinking here my low self-esteem chance is probably going to be. I know i could get a hundred dollars for this. I could probably get three to five hundred, maybe even more so i’m thinking this is probably a good buy, since i bought this one for just five dollars, pretty cool right and i’ll. Show you how i find these and how they, how i sell them in just a minute.

Next, let’s go ahead and take a look at hvac on time now i bought this domain because i know that hvac gets lots of money if we were to type hvac into the godaddy tool, you’re going to see that this stuff goes crazy, hvac, outsource, 2200 hvac. Now 2200 hvac direct, almost 5 000 down here. Hv locator, hvac review sizing all different times of stuff. Here, also check this out on time, hvac hvac on time, that’s pretty darn close and that one went for almost three thousand dollars, which is pretty cool. So we can take a look at this and be like hey yeah, the odds of getting 500 to a thousand dollars on this, i think, are pretty solid.

I could probably get more than that, but just for grits and giggles, let’s go ahead and type in and see what comes up hvac
Com, more than 25 2500 hvac pro 1200. We can see down here all different variations that are going for lots of money. We can also do something like best hvac see what comes up for that, because this is going to show us what the hvac domains are going for.

So i could see that this one is a pretty solid buy here. Considering the fact that i paid a whopping 12, if you think that was a good deal, let me know in the comments below here’s an interesting one where godaddy actually says it’s worth like nineteen hundred dollars. So let’s take a look at this. The issue probably is around the idea of cash, which is driving this number through the roof. So let’s go ahead and just double check and make sure if it has any rankings or anything like that, because sometimes if they have rankings, they are worth a lot more money in a different marketplace.

But right now we see there are no rankings. So this is solely based on the domain, so we have two thousand dollars buzz cash 1700 chat cash, 4200 and notice how i’m paying attention at these numbers, because this is actually what sold. These are the ones that actually sold with the word cash and date and flirt and stuff like that.

So let’s try flirt pros or something like that. Let’S see if we could trigger flirt ones and see what comes up flirt expert 288 date genie almost 1300 bucks. There flirt pros actually that one is on sale for 1700

We also have chat experts flirt guide, flirt star 1300. I can do flirting see that that one’s at twenty two thousand dollars flirting dot e s flirting dot, f, r, um dating so there’s quite a few good ones here that we can see flirting
Org, so i think i could probably sell this if i find someone who’s interested in like teaching people how to make money on chat sites or flirting or whatever it is pretty cool stuff. Pretty easy.

I think 1900 is a little bit of a stretch, but i could probably get 300 no problem now i could get 1900 if i follow the directions towards the end of this video keep an eye out for that, but i think all in all, i’m doing pretty Good considering i only paid 20 for that domain name now, let’s go ahead and get into some of the domains that actually have domain value and linking value, because these are ones where it’s kind of a no-brainer to buy. As long as i can get them cheap enough – and they make sense this first one here – replica – i really liked now godaddy says it’s only worth about 542, but i’m going to show you how i can take this domain and turn it into a multiple thousand Dollar site and make money on my own or even sell it for thousands and thousands of dollars. So we need to take a look here and see. What’S going on.

First of all, usa military went for almost 1800, so that’s kind of cool. We also have some down here military college. We got american flags diamonds, all kinds of stuff here we could do. Let’S try military medals, see if that sparks some very similar stuff.

Here we go five thousand watches, seven thousand close six thousand merchandise. Nine hundred uniforms posted okay, so this is looking pretty good. This stuff is selling, so i think replica so i think replica. So i think replica militarymetals.

om is a good buy. Now i want to show you something that really really piques my interest. If we were to take this domain and put it over here into the ahrefs keyword tool or even if you can’t afford to do, ahrefs check out the hoth and then go to the search engine rankings tool so over at the hoth, you can put this in Here as well now, ahrefs is going to show me the movements which the hoth doesn’t, but you know if you can’t afford to get an expensive tool that this will do. We could see here that this actually ranks right now for russian ww2 medals, german medals, replica medals and on and on we go so we got lots and lots of rankings for this site 32, and it just keeps going now over on ahrefs. I can see the same thing here: lots and lots of rankings getting search results, getting traffic everything like that now.

The reason i like this is because it’s in one tight-knit market, it’s all the people looking to buy replica metals, to make a shadow box or something like that for their loved one or a momentum or a keepsake or whatever it is so. These are very, very specific, they’re product oriented. This is stuff that people want to buy now. The domain alone is probably worth 100 300 bucks on its own, maybe even more if i find the right buyer, but these keyword rankings. If i build this site up and make this work in the search engines by just creating content about what it already ranked for, i can build this up and flip it as a website for thousands and thousands of dollars.

If i just built it and flipped it, let’s say i put a couple hundred dollars into it. With content, did a little bit of leg work made some money with adsense later down the road. I could probably sell this for three to five thousand dollars now. If i want to build this up to be a big kahuna website, i can do that and then later down, the road sell it for 10 20, maybe even a hundred thousand dollars, depending on how much it’s making per month but again, remember the results are not Typical implied or guaranteed, i’ve been doing this 20 years. This is a business.

The average person makes nothing. If you understand this is a business and you start to look at this with a business mindset. I think everything’s going to start to change for you. So if you can see that this is a good value, if it’s like hey, this is pretty solid. It’S got rankings, it’s something we can sell.

It’S got some value. It’S got some backlinks we’re looking pretty good. Now, let’s take a look at what i paid for this, because i think this will show you kind of my mindset of what i’m after on this particular one, i paid a whopping 36 bucks, wait what yep, i probably would have paid like 150, but hey. If i could take it for 36, i’m gon na bag it – and i think that was a good haul. Now here’s an interesting one, rapidscreenrepair
Com, the reason i got this is because i know that there’s screen repair companies that pay lots of money for traffic, and this is very specialized.

This is a domain that any screen repair business can use. It’S not like screen repair montana. This is screen repair everywhere. So we could see rapid pc, repair, 600 cell phone screen, repair 1500 cell screen repair 300 and down here we have some other ones about screen repair going for like 2 000 bucks, 600 bucks and on and on we go now. What i’m going to do is remove the word rapid and see what shows up for screen repair screen, repairs.

350. Actually, that’s a pretty good deal. I would have bought that at 350.

Screen replacement went for over 9 000 display repair and then down here we got some other stuff screen fix 5000. This is looking pretty good.

I think is probably on point. I think if i waited it out found the right buyer. I could easily get a thousand bucks for that now, let’s take a look and see if it has any extra, which would be rankings and keywords and backlinks and stuff like that to check the rankings. We can again use the hoth write like this, or we could use our ahrefs keyword tool and this my friends is a doozy.

We got screen repair long beach screen repair near me, screen door repair near me: 4, 600 searches. A month. We were ranking number 47 screen replacement near me, almost 8 000 searches a month. We were ranking number 47 for that, one as well and on and on we go now. I could build this up to be a major screen repair site and get lots and lots of traffic, and if i go over here to offervault to find some affiliate offers, i can actually use this traffic and redirect them to this guy.

Here that’s selling screen enclosures. He literally pays me two to thirty dollars for a little like 90. Second phone call for someone interested in repairing their screen. We can also generate leads for handymen or handyman or, however, you say it, and these are paying the same amount like two to thirty dollars. For a little phone call and they can get their screen repaired, we can also sell them at.

We can also put ads on our site and get paid when people click we can put affiliate offers for screens, you name it. The sky is the limit. This one is a doozy and of course, if i want to just do this quick, i can turn around and flip this like that. So 1200 is what godaddy’s saying the rankings are pretty solid. I can build this up.

I can flip it. This one is pretty solid, and this one i got for a whopping 234 and my big question as a domain buyer website builder and seller, is how hard is it going to be to get my 234 back and in this case, ladies and gentlemen, i think it’s An absolute no-brainer and just to show you a couple others here we have, which i got for 12 bucks. I think that’s pretty solid in the prepper market. It didn’t have any rankings, but this is a popular domain.

So i’m thinking i could probably turn that around for 300 bucks. Without doing anything. I also got which says it’s got an estimated value of 300 bucks, smart prepper, cool neighbors, so smart prepper, that’s a pretty close resemblance there. It’S not as mine’s, not as good as his, but i think it’s okay and considering the fact that it used to rank for all kinds of different things related to survival and prepper and stuff, like that.

I think this was a no-brainer at 12. I also found homemortgageloans
Us which, usually i don’t buy a dot us, but i thought this one was pretty good and it did have some rankings for reverse mortgages and mortgages, and things like that which this traffic’s really hard to come by and the fact that it was a dot. U s didn’t bother me because it’s for u.s mortgages, which is fine, that’s that’s! Okay!

If it was like a edu that might not make sense. But again, if i had the rankings, i’d probably buy it anyway. So 30 bucks, i think, was an absolute steal. Godaddy value says less than 100, but i know for a fact.

I can get a lot more than that because it’s in the home mortgage stuff home mortgage financing, dot us went for 60 bucks, but i’m guessing. That was probably a long time ago. Homemortgageloans.Com at 15, 000

This is looking pretty good. I think the odds of getting my 30 bucks back are pretty pretty solid here.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below i also found a good flashlight domain, which ranks for all kinds of stuff. A golf domain vision boards this one here ranked for all kinds of different herbalife products. So i know that my investment of 50 bucks is safe, because all i need to do is go find a herbalife person and sell this to them and it’s it’s pretty easy and we can see here shake fast dot net. Actually is it’s got a value of 169, but i think i could get a lot more than this, considering the fact that it has rankings and it’s a pretty short domain motor scooter world was pretty solid with a thousand dollar valuation and lots of movements and rankings Showing up for the scooter niche shop, crystalheart
Com was an absolute diamond in the rough, considering that it actually ranked for crystal hearts, crystal heart and all kinds of other product, related keywords and the value on that one’s 8.

1. However, i know that building this up and selling it it’s worth a heck of a lot more aniston septic was pretty solid at 95.

This is a very specific term for a city for septic tank people and these go for lots and lots of money again: a no-brainer angel,, poker training, ultra, which is a pretty solid domain.

Here, it’s 1400 bucks, but we could see easy lawn care. Eco lawn care, these are going for quite a bit of money, lots of other lawn care ones here as well, i think for 203. I could easily double my money on this one, probably even quadruple it. We have primally wild, which i think is good for, like a meat, butcher, box kind of uh store, we got thrifty, millionaire, luminary facts and one of the more expensive ones i bought was chairworkouts.
Com now this one here we look at it and we’re like hey.

Why would marcus spend all this money? It doesn’t look like a safe investment. I mean look 100 bucks, a thousand bucks. You spent a thousand dollars on it. Well, let me show you where the gold is here right here.

If we go to our keyword tool, we can see that it actually ranks right now. Number six for chair workouts that my friends is why i bought this domain name and building up this site and selling it. I could probably get five ten thousand even more. If i spend my time, i can turn this into a site that makes a full-time living. Just in the chair, workout niche so again use the godaddy tool, use your rank, checker and buy domains that make sense.

Now, i’m going to show you a little hack which uses the ahrefs tool which will help you find domains like this. If you want to find domains that are like five dollars all day, long buy them and flip them for profit. Listen up! So what i’m gon na do here is go to godaddy domain auctions. Then i’m gon na use this search box here and drop down to closeouts and bargain bin bargain bin is going to give me all the domains as low as five dollars.

Now you can weed, through these domains, till you’re blue in the face trying to find good stuff, and you probably will find some good ones. But let me show you a tip if you’re looking for domains that have rankings, what i’m going to do is click the traffic button once and then it’s going to organize them based on traffic. I’M going to take this entire list of domains and i’m going to copy it right like this boom. Then i’m going to take this list go over to click on domain extractor.

Put that big list of all that junk in, like this hit, submit and get a list of just the domain names, then i can go to the ahrefs keyword tool. Click on more then batch analysis put the entire list in right like this hit analyze, then sort them by keywords, and this is going to show me the ones with the rankings in google. We could see here, take a look at that. It’S going to show us what it ranked for looks like a bunch of junk here.

Nothing. I can really use here’s. One eagle survival mart again prepper survival. This stuff sells like crazy all the time and we can see it actually does rank for different survival terms. They’Re not great rankings, but this is something i can build and sell and since this one’s only five bucks, i think it’s probably a good deal.

Then we just rinse and repeat, go through the list and find exactly what we want now. Sometimes i will buy one if it has a good name without rankings or a bad name with rankings. It just all depends on what i plan on doing with the site and if i think i can sell it, but using this five dollar tip you’re gon na be able to find domains at a fraction of the cost, and you might find some zingers in there Too, another little tip is to type something in that resembles an expensive market. I could go in and type in septic and see all the domains that have the word septic in them. We can see south florida septic tank now south florida septic that one’s only five bucks, septic tank marketing, septic and pump off-grid septic only 11 bucks, and then, of course, we can go through these and see what they rank for if anything and see if they’re worth Buying and flipping and when it comes to selling these names, there’s three major ways that i do this one.

I can go to a site like godaddy auctions, ceto auctions or any other domain auction site, and i can auction the name off hoping to get more than i paid for it now. Remember: auctions. Don’T always have your perfect customer, for example, when i bought aniston septic. I only paid 95 meaning that was the price at the time on the auction. However, i know that lots of people each and every month are looking stuff up like aniston septic, so i could literally go to some of these businesses and say: hey look you’re paying for ads for the word.

Aniston septic and i actually rank number three right here. Would you like to buy my domain and oftentimes they’re going to say yes and i would venture to say if i was to do this to the right customer, i could probably get between fifteen hundred and four thousand dollars for this domain and that’s method. Number two outreach to the people that would possibly want the name method. Number three is to build your own domain site. You guys can see over at domains. I have my own site where i sell domains like right here. You can buy the replica military one best of monitor and i get sales all the time. Now.

It’S very important that when you build a site like this, you actually redirect the domains you bought to the sales page. For example, i just got a byte on this domain, where someone wants to buy onedaygarden
Com the offer started at 500, so i know i’m gon na get more than 500 bucks and between you me and the wall. I only paid eight dollars for that. So what i did when i bought the domain. I went ahead and redirected it to the page where they can buy it and the cool thing about this is you don’t need web hosting or any fancy website?

Whoever you bought the domain with has a little box, and you can send them pretty much wherever you want, and it literally takes a couple of seconds, and the key here is to remember to be very smart with how you buy these. Make certain that, whatever you think you’re going to get is more than what you’re going to pay and as a rule of thumb, what i like to do is take whatever. I think i’m going to get divide it by three and then act as if that’s the real number that way, i’m insulating myself from lots of risk, unless, of course, i find a zinger and oftentimes. I do find zingers and, as you can see, they’re not that expensive, so all in all for just under fifteen thousand dollars, i got 94 domains. Several of them already sold some on their own.

Some with websites attached. I’Ve already made my money back and i still got like 80 of them left. So if you think this is a solid business model check out the videos in the description that are going to teach you even more about how to make money with domain names, thanks for watching subscribe, smash the like button and i’ll see you next time.

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