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The Secret To Download Full Resolution Instagram Photos

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Downloading Instagram Full Resolution photos from instagram now becomes my hobby i usually download tons of pictures from instagram for my photography studio. The Secret To Download Full Resolution Instagram Photos Guide

Instagram is all about control. The Facebook owned media app wants you to open it or head to its website every time you try to revisit a photo posted on the service. Downloading is strictly prohibited, and you can’t save images to your computer or smartphone from the app or website unless you know the trick. The Secret To Download Full Resolution Instagram Photos Tutorial

You’re probably familiar with the fact that Instagram dramatically downsizes images, often stripping away much of their sharpness and detail, when they are uploaded to the site. The conversion helps make the site load faster, but it prevents you from saving the images or seeing the original versions. But there’s a handy little workaround that uses Google Chrome’s built-in developer tool to uncover the URL for the original, full-sized image.

Finding the original image URL is easy, and all it takes is a few mouse clicks. The Secret To Download Full Resolution Instagram Photos

1. Find a page with an image that you want to save and download.

instgram profile picture download

2. Click on the picture’s thumbnail. It will then pop up in gallery view.

downloading photo from instagram

3. Right-click on the image and select “Inspect Element.

click to download instagram photo

4. This will cause the Chrome browser’s developer tools to pop up. It looks complicated, but we’re headed to a very specific spot, so don’t be intimidated


5. Click the “Resources” tab on the line of tabs between the page itself and the developer tools.


6. Now you’ll see a new list of webpage resources—the components of the website you’re viewing.

instagram download pics

7. Click the arrow next to the “Frames” folder, and then the arrow next to the Instagram folder.

download pics from instagram

8. Click the arrow next to “Images” to see a list of all the image files that the page is showing. This list will include the full-sized version of the Instagram photo, which is often much more detailed and of significantly higher quality than the one that appears on the page itself.

instagram pics download

9. Right-click on the image and select “Open in New Tab.

instagram images

10. Your full-sized image will now appear in a new browser tab, where you can right-click and download it.

download instagram images

Now you can save the original versions of all your favorite photos without resorting to screenshots or low-quality alternatives.

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