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Alcohol Advice- How I Save A lot Of Money On Alcohol

Stop Drinking Alcohol to Save Money Everyone knows that alcohol costs money and isn’t good for your health, yet so many people continue to drink. For some people, being able to stop drinking alcohol can be an incredibly difficult thing to do and can lead to big problems like violence, marriage breakdowns, health issues and financial hardship.

For me personally, I like to have a beer or two after work on a Friday evening or after a day in the yard on the weekend, however it isn’t something I need or that I must have – I just find it refreshing. The big downside to drinking for me, is that it costs me money that I don’t have to spend. Every couple of months I buy a carton of beer and I am then about $50 poorer for that decision.

Stop binge drinking

I used to be a fairly big binge drinker when I was younger. I used to regularly go to parties or hit the town and get completely wasted with my friends. Looking back (from what I remember) it just wasn’t worth it.

  • I was spending well over $50 a week on alcohol. Sometimes $100 a week wasn’t unusual.
  • I always felt terrible the next day and didn’t get out of bed until after lunch.
  • My health was almost certainly suffering, although I didn’t have any major incidents – I was more lucky than anything else.

Why did I do it?

Because everyone else was doing it and it was “fun”. Having the benefit of hindsight, I now challenge just how much “fun” I was really having and if I could go back in time, I almost certainly wouldn’t be having the same type of fun that I thought I was having at the time.

Think about all the money I could have saved between the ages of 18 and 21 when I was at my worst. If I use $50 as a baseline, then I could have saved almost $8,000 over that 3 year period alone. Now i’m not saying you shouldn’t go out and enjoy yourself with your mates, but you don’t have to get stupid drunk at the same time.

Avoid Heavy Drinkers

Something I have noticed is that I tend to drink a lot more when I am around heavy drinkers. I find that I have just started a drink and before you know it there is another one in front of me waiting to be drunk.

If you are serious about quitting drinking and saving money, then I personally believe one of the best ways to stop drinking is to hangout with other people who either don’t drink, or who don’t drink heavily.

Drink something else

Lately I have started drinking tea with dinner and am considering replacing alcohol entirely with tea drinking. Now I may change my mind once the weather warms up, but at this point in time I am getting far more enjoyment sitting down with a nice hot cup of tea than I am with a beer.

The other big thing about the tea that I am drinking, is that it is only costing me 40 cents per drink, as opposed to $2 per beer. It might not sound like much, but over a lifetime that kind of saving will really add up, particularly if you drink a few a day