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Make $1000 per Week Hosting your own private house party

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You can make money by hosting your own private house party. If you have a nice place at home, with a disco-room, you can host your own private party.

Like every Saturdays, you invite all your friends (and family) to your house party.

You can set up the party on facebook, invite all your friends, the friends of their friends. You can also spread flyers around in your neighborhood.

You can offer them a free beer or cocktail first, after that, they pay $3 for a beer, $5 for a cocktail.

You are the DJ and the host of the party.

If 20 people show up and they spend $25 each on average, and you have a 100% markup, you make $1,000 per week

It could also be a warm-up party, so they spend only an evening, then they go clubbing.

Even better, you can offer them a service, like by your girlfriend; like a 30-minutes massage for $50. You can also offer them to stay the night over for $50 (per bedroom), or if they drink all night long, a free night stay.

Your girlfriend can also provide beauty services for $50; like like haircuts, hair styling, manicure/pedicure, massage, makeup and beauty instruction.

She could also offer clothing for sale, so women can shop for new clothing, Like, every women gets 1-2 free glasses of champagne when they shop for clothing. This is probably the greatest money-maker.

If you have a hot-top (like in your yard or in the house), or a swimming pool, you can offer that for free too

It could be that your party grows to 50 people each week, or a Friday-Saturday party, then you could potentially make $2,000 or more per week.

If you want to go one step further, (no offence), a couple beautiful women that offers their services, and you have your own escort/topless-bar.

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