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If You Really Want To Make $1000 Per Day From Google Adsense Then Read This

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Can You Really Make $1,000 A Day from Google Adsense ?

The short answer is yes…and no. The days of slapping up a crappy webpage and then sitting back and collecting large commission checks from Google are long gone if they were ever here in the first place.

However, plenty of people are making $1,000-$10,000 a month publishing Google ads on their websites, and some are even making $1,000 a day and more.

All kinds of people are doing it. Teens are making money, so are Senior Citizens, Housewives, and people who do not speak English very well.

So how are they doing it?  They are using the tried and true 80/20 rule.  Funny how that rule works out in all areas of business and life in general.  In this case, they are spending at least 80% of their time promoting their website or websites and no more than 20% of their time maintaining or updating them. They also know that a good producing website might bring in $5-$10 a day, so they need generally need more than one website to reach their income goals.  It is not unsual for the top income earners to have as many as a thousand websites, mabye more.  But almost everyone starts out with a handful of websites until they get their promotion system down and grow from there.

It is true that you must have quality content on your website to attract visitors and make them want to spend time on your website, but it is probably more true that you need to have a system in place so they can find your website to begin with.  Competition for visitors is fierce, and there are very few shortcuts to getting traffic (visitors) to your website.  Buying traffic from various traffic brokers is Not one of the shortcuts that works.  Neither is rotating your website on traffic or other exchanges. In fact, that is one of the quickest ways to get banned by Google (the fastest way to get banned is to click on the ads yourself, strictly prohibited by Google).

So how do you get visitors to your website?  The old fashion way, you earn them.  Google wants you to have what is often referred to as natural traffic, the kind that comes from searches or direct links from other websites.  The problem is that there are so many websites on the Internet that it is often difficult to show up on the first page or two of the search engine results pages. Avoid buying or renting links form link brokers. This seldom will help you and will often get you penalized by the search engines. You want direct links from directories, blogs, and other websites that are related to the nich your website is in whenever possible.

But it is possible to overcome these problems and the people who do are the ones making money from Google Adsense.  One way to overcome this problem is to concentrate on building websites in smaller niches that have less competition than a broader search term category like “Making Money Online”.  Another way is to have constantly updated content that appeals to those people in the niche you are trying to reach.  Give them a reason to stay on your website for awhile and to want to come back often.  If you are creating your own website, make sure you include features that will make it easier for you to update your website with new, fresh content while also being easy to maintain.  If you are not careful you can spend hours trying to come up with content leaving you very little time to do what makes you money, promoting your website to attract interested visitors.

Because of the time it takes to get started building a niche website, many people decide to buy a turnkey website.  Be very cautious in doing so. Many sellers on eBay and elsewhere simply sell older templates containing outdated and stale articles that will neither help you get ranked in the search engines or keep a visitor on your website even if they find you by accident.

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