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Click Intensity Review Scam Website ?

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Introduction on my Click Intensity Review

The Website i saw is a scam ? lets find out

No this website is not a scam u can make Real money for free Most probably you are in this site because you need to learn or confirm or dispel the idea whether Click Intensity is a scam program or if it is a legitimate online business. Moreover you are maybe also trying to know if Click Intensity is worth your time participating? What are the benefits that you will be getting when you actively participate? If that is your purpose then you are in the best spot in the world where you can learn exactly what you need to know.

I can truly say with full conviction that this is the only site you need to visit and confirm whether Click Intensity is worth participating or not. My review on Click Intensity is coming from someone who joined this site. I will be giving you insider’s information not just an opinion by someone claiming to know everything. I will be sharing you my real experience, the best information I know without hiding anything.

I will share this information with the best unbiased attitude I can possibly muster so you can decide in the best condition of making an informed decision. Not just try to persuade you to join or discourage you so I can promote you another one. This is as real and truthful as it gets. In fact the name of my site is associated with my real name and I don’t want to destroy my integrity by spreading false information and earn little money.

What Is Click Intensity?

Click Intensity is an advertising revenue sharing site that introduces its own innovations to what is already proven success formula in the industry. So to speak, it is trying to drive the industry to another level and not to reinvent the wheel.

The good sides of the long term and successful company like Traffic Monsoon where it offers high value advertising services and only actual sales that happened are distributed. This is not a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) disguised as another ad revshare which proliferate nowadays. Most of these sites are promising high fixed percentage return per day (as high as 40%) which is not realistic because real sales goes up and down. You maybe have a lot of money in your back office but this money is just a good figure you see in your dashboard; no real world money to back it up.

I’d rather have $10 which I can withdraw or access immediately than $100 with delays since no real money is available in the system yet. In short this is real business and that is what Click Intensity has adapted. What is revolutionary is that Click Intensity will be offering more. Aside from responsive Traffic Exchange, Banner/Text ads, and log in ads Click Intensity added but is not limited to the following advertising services as its products social media exchange, videos, solo ads, etc. . Moreover the commission plan is increased not just by a flat 10% commission but a team structure reward up to 7 level deep. I also made a blog post on my blogger site that discusses the features of Click Intensity you can visit it right here> What is Click Intensity?

One aspect that you should be interested with is on how to make REAL money from Click Intensity. So, below are the five ways you can make money with Click Intensity:

1. Doing Simple Online Tasks

Al members whether you are a Free Member or a Paid Member, you will have access to online tasks where you will be rewarded with cash when you complete it.

The amount that you will receive will vary from task to task. Also the system will assign or make more tasks available to Paid Members than Free Members not only to encourage participation in its revenue sharing aspect but also to reward members who showed deeper commitment to make their online business succeed.

Also prioritizing Paid Members improves the quality of advertising inside as offers will be exposed more to people who are already proven online buyers.

2. Profit Sharing.

The ad packs will be in the form of $25 Silver Coin Pack which is equivalent to 1 Profit share in the Company. This 1 profit share will continue to earn good passive income until it reaches $30 then it expires.

Again, the profit share amount or earnings will vary based on the total sales the system will make. Earnings are distribute every 30 minutes. This can be fast and powerful since you can apply the principle of compounding to accelerate your earnings by purchasing more ad packs as soon as your balance reaches $25 or more.

This goes without saying that there is no fixed timeline when your profit share hit the $30. It is

a variable component that will totally depend on company’s sales of various products offered by Click Intensity.

The maximum number of Silver Coin Packs One Can Have Is 4000 Packs.

3. Personal Referrals.

Paid Members will earn 10% on all silver coin packs purchases and repurchases by people who directly joined under you.

Free account members will earn 5% on personally referred sales.

Obviously, the more you refer the more you earn- This is not a requirement, only an optional opportunity to drive your business to massive growth. The reason why that most of the high ticket earners on this kind of program are those who have big teams with them

4. Team Income

This is the extra sauce that Click Intensity introduced in the ad revshare industry. Combining affiliate and MLM compensation in its rewards system. You now have a chance to start getting paid from the team up to 7 levels deep and not just only on your personally sponsored members.

Here is Your 7 Generation Commission Structure.


5. Back End Sales

With Click Intensity you will get paid commissions and up to 7 levels deep reward not just from silver coins packs purchases but from all the other advertising services that the site has made available.

You will get paid when someone 7 levels deep to you buys a premium advertising product like log in ads , solo ads , pop-up ads, and many others from Click Intensity.

The minimum cash out value is $25 that can be easily processed using the Quick Pay wallet.

Who Is Click Intensity?

But in all of these features one more important thing that we need also to know is who are the owners or people that is running the program. With all the complexity of the modern world it still boils down to people running it. The logic is simple, even if the system is profitable and working but if these people mismanage the money or do some silly management decision the company will still crumble.

So, with due diligence here are the current information available in the internet. The whois domain information is giving us the details in the image below. The corporate team is represented by its two visible personalities Nick Johnson as CEO and Tara Mish as the Head of the Communications. These two people are frequently present online especially on the official Facebook group of Click Intensity. They are there to provide updates and some daily information to inspire people in their involvement with Traffic Intensity. So to speak in the online world terms, they are quite visible.

1471129_160878387628768_8660256786429142223_nTara Mish, Head of Communications

 In the internet business standard of transparency and truthfulness there seems to be a genuine effort from the owners to make this business last. Real business in a proven industry, the innovations are projected to work and in my personal assessment there seems to be values of reliability and  sustainability in this, unless proven otherwise of course.


Conclusion and Recommendation.

In this Click Intensity review I can say that this is one rare opportunity that everyone regardless of background should participate. This is one game changer in this industry much like what Facebook did to social media. You will be missing out a lot if you did not join this especially if you are interested to make money from the internet.

This is not a scam program as the system features are already proven to work as exemplified by Traffic Monsoon and other successful ad revshare companies. Also the corporate team are visible and transparent in their presence online, this is real business in existence providing real online advertising services with an opportunity to make money to boot.

My recommendation is for you to sign up even as Free Member first also observe the activities in its Facebook group. The reactions and updates are real time in this platform so you get the actual situation as it happens. No editing or cover up that can happen. If you like what you see or observe, then and only then you participate by purchasing ad packs and if you have time also promote this company.

Access Click Intensity Free Sign Up Page and check it first from the inside before you commit to anything.



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