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Click Intensity Make Money Online Opportunity

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How To Make Money Online Working From Home Using Click Intensity

What is Click Intensity?

Click Intensity is in Revshare Sites category but in fact it is more than a revshare. There are much more features when compared to other revshare sites. There will be earning and advertising opportunity such as:

-Sharing social media posts.

-Watching videos.

-Simple online tasks.

-Clicking ads daily.

-And many more.

Site will generate income from these type of features. It is in pre-launch phase until 16th March 2016. So, take your seats now, because:

Early bird gets the worm!

With so many new features in revshare industry, we believe that Click Intensity will be a good choise. And the great news is that there is NO PAYPAL. So, no trouble and no freezed accounts. They will surely pay for a longer time.

One more thing that we liked about Click Intensity is that they hired a woman, named “Tara Mish” as “Head of Communications” and she is making videos about Click Intensity and updating the members in Facebook Group.

As you see, Click Intensity has many features that other revshare sites do not have. That is why we have chosen to write a review about it and advertising it.

Some other details about Click Intensity:

-Nick Johnson is the CEO/Owner of the site.

-There will be $25 packages which will expire in $30.

-The script is not a ready-made script, it is a custom one.

-7 Level Deep MLM Structure.

Since they are in pre-launch phase now, there is not more information about it. But we will update the post when we have. So, check back this post from time to time.

You can watch their video to understand Click Intensity better:

How To Get Paid From Click Intensity

payment methods Bank Wire, Credit Card Via Merchant. Solid Trust Pay. Payza. Payoneer

Minimum Investment $25

Minimum Cashout $25

Cetogaries Revenue Share, Mid Risk

Refcom Of The Site 10%

Ref Com We Offer 50%

Our Trust Score 10/10

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