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Uber Hacks You Should Be Using To Save Money In 2016

What is Uber?

To passengers, Uber is essentially synonymous with taxis, and to drivers, it’s basically a referral service. The Android, iOS and Windows Phone app connects riders with drivers using their phone’s GPS capabilities, letting both parties know one another’s location and removing the question of when the ride will actually arrive. In addition, the tech company also processes all payments involved, charging the passenger’s credit card, taking a cut for itself (which ranges from 5% to 20%), and direct depositing the remaining money into the driver’s account, all in the background and completely cashless.

Depending on availability, Uber also offers several different levels of service. The service’s lowest-cost option, UberX, runs in everyday cars like the Toyota Prius. Uber Black is the company’s original service, costing a bit more but running in high-end town cars with professional drivers. Uber SUV is precisely what it sounds like, charging a premium for a larger vehicle. Uber LUX is the top-of-the-line option, operating in posh rides like Porsche Panameras and BMW 7 series sedans.

1. Schedule your Uber

I’ve heard from 2 separate Uber drivers that they’re coordinated with clients to drive the same morning commute every day. If you regularly take the same Uber route and have established rapport with your driver, get their phone number so you can schedule them at a mutually convenient time. This works best if it’s extremely convenient for your driver (e.g. you live near your driver and can start your morning together every day). If you actually get this to work, cherish your new friendship!

2. Get Free Uber Credit by Referring your Friends

Invest some effort to get people around you to sign up for Uber, and you’ll get a free ride (usually $20-$30). I’ve had success with this by just sending over my referral link over my college dorm. This is getting harder and harder as Uber gets more established.

3. Tip your Uber Driver

Uber doesn’t have an option to do this within the app, so you’ll have to tip with cash at the end of the ride. Your Uber driver may be instructed to refuse the tip, so insist or just leave it in their drivers seat. This is a way to complement your driver for their service and encourage that kind of behavior for future passengers!

4. Minimize Wait Time

To minimize the time you have to wait to get an Uber, 1) call your Uber ahead of time, before you actually get to the pickup point 2) call your Uber driver right after they get assigned to you, to make sure they know where to pick you up. It is NOT advisable to keep your Uber driver waiting for you for too long, since this can severely annoy your driver and decrease your passenger rating.

5. Get Refunded for your Grievances

If you ever have a less-than-satisfactory Uber ride (your ride is unsafe, or your driver took a less-than-optimal route), you can contact Uber support and complain. If you have a valid grievance, they will usually give you a ride credit as a redress within 24 hours. I’ve done this multiple times via email with good results.

6. Uber through the Drive-Through

You can ask your Uber driver to detour through the drive-through. Just a warning that some Uber Drivers are not amused at this, since the time-rate for Uber rides is poor, and you won’t be paying for any mileage while you’re waiting for your burger. Your Uber Driver may retaliate by rating you low, which brings me to…

7. Find out your Uber Passenger Rating

I haven’t really found a use for this, but you can learn what your Uber passenger rating is. Your Uber Driver will see this rating whenever they decide whether or not to pick you up. If your rating is low, that might explain why it’s taking so long for a car to confirm you. If your rating is super-low, then you might get banned from the system.

8. Get Starwood Points by Using Uber

If you’re a Starwood Preferred Guest card holder, you can simply link your account with your Uber account to get free Starwood points every time you take an Uber, as long as you stay in a Starwood hotel once every year. (Link your Starwood Account). No need to have a Starwood Preferred Guest credit card. Combine this offer with the next one to maximize credit card bonuses.

9. Get a 20% Discount on Uber

With a CapitalOne Quicksilver credit card, you will get a 20% statement credit for each Uber ride you pay for with your card (until April 2016). This is a pretty big deal, especially if you spend a fair amount on Uber rides every year. The CapitalOne Quicksilver has no annual fee, and will also get you your first two rides for free (if you’re a new Uber rider). Announcement: Uber-CapitalOne Partnership

Note: The first 7 also apply to Lyft (company). The last 2 are Uber specific.

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How To Save Money With The Mobile Office Concept

In the modern digital age it has never been easier to establish a mobile office. We as human beings are more powerful, connected and informed than we have ever been with the range of gadgets we have at our disposal. The modern office can be as basic as a simple laptop or even just a smart phone. The financial advantages of adopting such a work model are numerous, some of the most significant are examined below:

How To Save Money With The Mobile Office Concept

There’s no office rent and utility bills to pay.

Working from a personal laptop based anywhere in the world frees you from the static nature of the traditional office base. This flexibility means you can abandon the need to inhabit a building to conduct business in and in the process make considerable savings on the long list of expenses required to own and maintain a work space.

You can work wherever and whenever you need to.

As a mobile worker you are always connected to the resources you need. The modern laptop has enough processing power and memory to deal with essentially any business task you’re likely to encounter. Always being available to chat to clients and address problems and issues responsively will give you a distinct advantage over your competitor’s 9-5 regimen.

Less time travelling and more time working.

By far one of the strongest virtues of the mobile office is the freedom from the daily commute it offers. While others routinely waste hours of their day in traffic coming to and from the work place, you can put that time to good use and actually complete significantly more work within the same amount of ‘working hours’ as a competitor who has to commute to and from the office.

Improved productivity.

Working remotely ensures you are free from the usual office distractions. You do not spend time chatting with co-workers about the weather. When you decide to work you put your work cap on and can focus entirely on your work performance quality and efficiency. This tunnel vision attitude to your work ethic will result in you getting even more out of the hours you are working compared to working in an office environment where the attitude can often be to space work out to ‘run out the clock’ until the traditional office closing time. When you are working with the mobile office concept you can knock off early if you work hard and finish the tasks you’ve allocated yourself for the day.

The sense of freedom.

You obviously have to work hard if you want to be successful. However the nature of working from a mobile office can give you a useful perspective on your work habits. You are free to take a break as and when you choose, you control the tempo and intensity of your working day. The initiative is placed entirely on you as an individual as to whether you want to succeed or not. This self affirming perspective can be an incredibly motivating force.

4 Ways To Save Money On Bills

Bills are probably my families biggest expense every month, so that’s why I think it is critically important to find ways to save money on bills wherever possible.

Let’s face it, no one enjoys paying bills, but it is a necessary evil if you want to enjoy things like running water, electricity, sewerage facilities, insurance plus much more. So it’s important to understand where your money is going and what you can do to limit the damage it does to your budget

How To Save Money on Bills

There are plenty of different ways to save money on bills, so let’s go through a few of them.

My Four Ways To Save Money On Bills

 1 Way To Save Money On Bills Pay bills manually

With the wonders of the internet and online banking, many people have their bills setup as a direct debit payment from their bank account each month or year.

The first thing I would do is to stop having your bills paid from your credit card or your bank account automatically. It might seem easy to just pay it without having to check it, but you will also likely become complacent and just accept price increases because it is too easy just to leave your setup the way it is.

2 Way To Save Money On Bills Shopping around

One of my favorite ways to save money on bills is to shop around for better deals whenever a bill comes due. So many people get caught out by just paying the bill because they don’t have the time to shop around.

Now going around and either ringing or visiting companies offices to get the best deal can be very time consuming, so I recommend using product comparison websites wherever possible. These websites are purpose built to assist you in finding the best deal possible based on your requirements.

3 Way To Save Money On Bills Ask for better deals

I realize that negotiating isn’t something that everyone is comfortable doing, however it can end up saving you a lot of money, all you have to do is ask.

Whenever a bill comes due, do your due diligence and shop around, then when you have identified the cheapest option phone your existing provider and tell them that you are considering moving to someone else who is offering the same product or service at a lower price, but that you would prefer to stay with them so long as they can offer you the same level of savings.

You will be amazed just how many companies will be willing to slash their prices to keep you as a customer. Although not everyone will, and you have to be prepared to change service provider if they will not come to the party.

4 Way To Save Money On Bills Pay Bills Yearly

Something that my wife and I try to do as much as possible is to pay bills yearly instead of monthly. The reason for this is that quite often the bills will have discounts available for people who pay a yearly amount up front, rather than the smaller monthly installments.

In some instances this has saved us up to 10% per bill, which as you can image will add up to some decent savings over a lifetime.

Alcohol Advice- How I Save A lot Of Money On Alcohol

Stop Drinking Alcohol to Save Money Everyone knows that alcohol costs money and isn’t good for your health, yet so many people continue to drink. For some people, being able to stop drinking alcohol can be an incredibly difficult thing to do and can lead to big problems like violence, marriage breakdowns, health issues and financial hardship.

For me personally, I like to have a beer or two after work on a Friday evening or after a day in the yard on the weekend, however it isn’t something I need or that I must have – I just find it refreshing. The big downside to drinking for me, is that it costs me money that I don’t have to spend. Every couple of months I buy a carton of beer and I am then about $50 poorer for that decision.

Stop binge drinking

I used to be a fairly big binge drinker when I was younger. I used to regularly go to parties or hit the town and get completely wasted with my friends. Looking back (from what I remember) it just wasn’t worth it.

  • I was spending well over $50 a week on alcohol. Sometimes $100 a week wasn’t unusual.
  • I always felt terrible the next day and didn’t get out of bed until after lunch.
  • My health was almost certainly suffering, although I didn’t have any major incidents – I was more lucky than anything else.

Why did I do it?

Because everyone else was doing it and it was “fun”. Having the benefit of hindsight, I now challenge just how much “fun” I was really having and if I could go back in time, I almost certainly wouldn’t be having the same type of fun that I thought I was having at the time.

Think about all the money I could have saved between the ages of 18 and 21 when I was at my worst. If I use $50 as a baseline, then I could have saved almost $8,000 over that 3 year period alone. Now i’m not saying you shouldn’t go out and enjoy yourself with your mates, but you don’t have to get stupid drunk at the same time.

Avoid Heavy Drinkers

Something I have noticed is that I tend to drink a lot more when I am around heavy drinkers. I find that I have just started a drink and before you know it there is another one in front of me waiting to be drunk.

If you are serious about quitting drinking and saving money, then I personally believe one of the best ways to stop drinking is to hangout with other people who either don’t drink, or who don’t drink heavily.

Drink something else

Lately I have started drinking tea with dinner and am considering replacing alcohol entirely with tea drinking. Now I may change my mind once the weather warms up, but at this point in time I am getting far more enjoyment sitting down with a nice hot cup of tea than I am with a beer.

The other big thing about the tea that I am drinking, is that it is only costing me 40 cents per drink, as opposed to $2 per beer. It might not sound like much, but over a lifetime that kind of saving will really add up, particularly if you drink a few a day