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What Is Electroneum Ico Cryptocurrecy Review Price Prediction

Electroneum is mobile cryptocurrency it mine on a electroneum mobile app available for android and iphone that targets the 2.2 billion smartphone users around the world via a mobile-focused blockchain solution with the explicit intention of capturing the mobile gaming and online gambling market. The initial token offering for Electroneum began on September 14, 2017, and will run through October 31, 2017.

Who’s Behind Electroneum?

Electroneum’s whitepaper describes the team as “an experienced team of software developers.” The team is led by Richard Ellis, who has 20+ years of experience running a digital agency called SiteWizard. In 2013, Ellis founded Retortal. As CEO of Retortal, Ellis offers social media marketing to various companies – including Fortune 500 companies like Herbalife and Avon. Retortal is valued at over $50 million USD today, and the software is used daily by hundreds of thousands of people.

The name of the currency and company, by the way, is derived from “the electron which all cryptocurrencies rely on.”

Electroneum reportedly started working on their own cryptocurrency back in August 2015. They used bitcoin’s open source code as the basis for the currency. The currency had no name for several months, but was eventually named Electron. By July, the company had officially formed under the name Electroneum Ltd. and started actively promoting their upcoming cryptocurrency.

How Does Electroneum Work?

Electroneum makes numerous mentions of it being a mobile-friendly currency. The creators of Electroneum recognize that most of the world has a mobile phone – and approximately 2 billion people own a smartphone. Electroneum is based on harnessing power from all smartphones to power the network. In addition, users can control all aspects of Electroneum from their mobile wallet.

Typically, cryptocurrencies are mined with specialist equipment – like PCs with multiple GPUs inside. Electroneum will allow users to mine the currency with the mobile app.

The company will begin by releasing their iOS and Android app on October 31, 2017, one day after the token sale concludes.

Another key feature of Electroneum is its accessibility. The whitepaper makes several mentions about how bitcoin’s numerous decimal places discourage widespread adoption. Let’s be honest: most bitcoiners are sick and tired of counting up the number of 0s when they’re asked to pay a fee like 0.0000416, or when they see a transaction fee like that. Electroneum plans to have two digits after the decimal (it has a 21 billion total supply of coins compared to bitcoin’s 21 million). That means you’ll see a price labeled as something like “21.39 Electroneum” instead of “0.089151 BTC”.

Electroneum Products

The developers of Electroneum claim to already have numerous working products and platforms in place. They plan to release all of these products immediately after the ICO crowdsale. The products will go live on October 31, one day after the crowdsale.

Products that have already been developed, finished, and tested include:

  1. The Electroneum blockchain
  2. An app-based wallet that allows someone to access Electroneum with zero technical skills or crypto experience
  3. App based mining system that allows non-technical people to gain Electroneum easily
  4. An offline wallet that allows for a completely secure, unhackable, offline wallet to be created
  5. A Windows wallet
  6. A Windows miner, where you can leave your PC mining for more coins at home or the office
  7. Mining pool software (Electroneum runs this software to make mining easier; the software is open source and allows users to develop their own pools)
  8. Blockchain explorer (used to verify payments and examine the blockchain in an open source way)
  9. Third party payment API used to allow third parties to accept Electroneum or pay in Electroneum
  10. The company claims these products give Electroneum a good foundation for launch. However, they plan to raise money through the ICO for an even more ambitious plan.

The Electroneum whitepaper outlines long-term goals for the cryptocurrency based on the amount raised. If Electroneum raises over $40 million, for example, then the company will introduce a whitelabeling system that allows other coins or ICOs to utilize the currency as a base while implementing their own branding.

The Electroneum Crowdsale

The Electroneum crowdsale begins on September 14. During the first week, you’ll be able to buy Electroneum at a 50% bonus rate. You’ll receive 150 coins for every $1 USD you contribute. By the last week of the sale (October 19 to 31, 2017), that rate will drop to $1 USD per 100 coins. Click here to participate

A total of 6.3 billion Electroneum coins will be available during the crowdsale. You can participate using Ethereum, bitcoin, or bank transfer.

You can see below total token sales statistics and people still buying it

Electroneum Conclusion

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency built on the original bitcoin blockchain. The company claims to have already developed a wide range of technical products – including a mining system that can be run from your PC or smartphone to generate currency from your unused processing power.

The Electroneum ICO is taking place throughout September and October. You may want to wait for more technical details about the project to appear online, or proof that any of the products have already been developed. However, if you don’t mind the risk, you can gain bonuses of up to 50% by participating in the Electroneum token sale early.

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Forever Living Direct Selling Company Review

Forever Living Products International, Inc. is a health and wellness network marketing company in operation globally in over 155 countries. The company product line features aloe vera-based cosmetics, beverages, nutritional supplements, and personal care products. The private company was created by businessman Rex Maughan in 1978 in Tempe, Arizona when he met with a group of doctors who had developed a stabilization and storage method for aloe vera gel.


The company has over 9.4 million distributors worldwide in its network. Forever Living generates over $2.5 billion in annual sales. The private company’s headquarters are currently located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Good

Forever Living products are based on the botanical properties of aloe vera and enhanced by modern science, according to the company website. The products are manufactured with aloe grown on the company’s own aloe farms.. Plants are harvested by hand and processed within hours to maintain the freshness.

There is no cost to join Forever Living as an Independent Distributor. For those who are interested in joining Forever Living as an Independent Distributor, the company will match these individuals up with a sponsor if they do not personally know someone who is a distributor. New signees receive instant access to all the company’s products at discounted costs. Forever Living supplies new distributors with all the training they need to get started in their new business ventures.

Distributors purchase products at wholesale prices through Forever Living and then resell these products at retail prices and pocket the difference as profit. Commissions can be as high as 43 percent. Plus, distributors also receive personal discounts up to 18 percent when they sponsor new customers and help them sell Forever Living products. Distributors can also earn group volume bonuses of up to 13 percent. There is also opportunities to earn leadership bonuses from 2-6 percent.

Forever Living provides a wealth of training material for its Independent Distributors. New signees are given product brochures and can watch training videos to help them learn valuable sales skills. Forever Living also hosts local meetings and PowerPoint workshops to teach new business owners about the company and its product line.

A large portion of making a significant income with Forever Living is in recruiting others to join as members. Potential earnings are generally between $800-$2,000 monthly after 4 months of building a downline and helping them build their business successfully. This is on top of earnings from product sales and other company incentives.

There is no requirement to maintain volume in order to qualify for bonuses from the company and groups can work together in order to achieve advancement. You never lose your ranking once you achieve it like some multi-level marketing companies. Forever Living has an A+ rating and is fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau. The company has only received one complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years. Overall, Forever Living appears to be a legitimate business opportunity.

The Bad

The Forever Living Products company has been involved in a few legal battles over the years. In 1996, the International Revenue Service and the National Tax Agency Japan audited Forever Living founder Rex Maughan for possible tax evasion upon suggestions received from American authorities. The Forever Living company founder filed a countersuit lawsuit against the United States for unauthorized tax return information disclosure. Nine years later, the district court determined that the IRS was liable for disclosing false information and awarded the plaintiffs damages equal to the statutory legal limits.

Claims made in 2004 regarding Forever Living products violated several laws in Hungary in regards to nutritional products registration, advertising and cosmetics used as medicine. The company was fined $280,000 as a result. Author Richard Bach accused Forever Living of trademark and copyright infringement in 2007. According to the lawsuit, Forever Living used character and storyline excerpts from one of his novels entitled Jonathon Livingston Seagull as part of the company’s marketing plan and used the novel as its corporate logo. The case was settled through arbitration and the Forever Living company changes its logo.

The earning potential for selling Forever Living Products takes significant work in order to make a decent income. A customer base of 20-30 people will generate approximately $200-$400 monthly. You cannot resell items for discounted prices on websites like Amazon or eBay or your account will be terminated. You also have to stock inventory as well which can be a huge drawback for some people who live with limited space.

One of the biggest downsides with Forever Living is that you will need to constantly be involved in recruitment efforts. Outside of having you write a list of everyone you know, the company does not provide much in the way of marketing training. Unless you are skilled in networking efforts, you may struggle beyond your family and friends. Since the majority of your income earning potential comes from recruiting efforts, you will need a plan in advance to develop this area as soon as possible if you choose to become a Forever Living Independent Distributor.

The Bottom Line

The business opportunity from Forever Living Products International, Inc. is perfect for the individual who loves to talk about aloe vera and its health benefits. However, be prepared to stockpile expensive inventory and attend conferences with a hefty price tag. If you are new to the industry, you may want to choose another business opportunity that provides marketing training if you want to be successful in your business venture. The Forever Living business model relies heavily on recruitment efforts over product sales, which is a major downside for those with littles sales and marketing skills.

The company does appear to be a legitimate business opportunity. Forever Living has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau and received only one complaint filed against them in 3 years. The company had its share of legal battles in the past, but nothing beyond what has been common with other similar multi-level marketing companies.

Featured Details

Industry Type

Forever Living is in the health and wellness industry.
Forever Living did not make the top 100 list of MLM companies for 2015 on the Direct Selling News website.

Sign Up Cost: None

Renewal Cost: None

Patent Products

  • Forever Aloe Vera Gel
  • Stabilization Process

Product Distribution

  • Purchase a Business Pack
  • Retail 4 case credits per month.
  • Present the opportunity.
  • Sponsor new members.

Company Selling Points

Forever Living Products was founded in 1978 on a little more than dreams and hard work. It was designed to help anyone who wanted to attain a better future.

  • Better health.
  • More wealth.
  • A secure future.

More than 30 years later, Forever Living is a multi-billion dollar company with a presence in over 150 countries. We manufacture and sell dozens of exclusive, beneficial wellness products based on one of nature’s purest gifts – aloe vera. Our unique business opportunity compensates people like you for sharing our products with others.

Over 9.5 million Forever Business Owners’ (FBO) worldwide have discovered the power of Forever Living’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Millions of people are enjoying more fulfilling, healthier, and wealthier lives, thanks to a small business that began with only a dream.

Company Education

  • Product Brochures
  • Training Videos
  • PowerPoint Workshops
  • Local Meetings

Support Programs

  • Product Brochures
  • Training Videos
  • PowerPoint Workshops
  • Local Meetings

Glass Door

  • There are 22 reviews on
  • 54 percent of reviewers would recommend Forever Living to a friend.
  • 55 percent of reviewers approve of the CEO.


Forever Living has only one complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years.
Forever Living is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.