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16 Tips To Become Successful In The Music Industry Today

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It’s that time when we focus on our young upcoming artists. Have you always wondered what it takes to be successful in this industry? Welcome to Music Industry 101. Here, you will be learning what it takes to make a successful career in the music industry!

16 Tips to Become Successful in the Music Industry

  1. The music business is a business and runs like any other business or profession. Be professional always.
  2. Network! In this industry, the currency is relationships. Meet the right people, help them and they will help you.
  3. Everytime the music gets played, somebody gets paid” Get a good lawyer to negotiate deals on your behalf
  4. You need strategic relationships to get signed, get shows and even to do collaborations with other artists. Network!
  5. Leverage the power of social media! Artists still get discovered here.
  6. YouTube and Google are very important tools. You can learn a lot from these platforms.
  7. Improve every aspect of your career by learning. Some examples of aspects to improve : Vocal training, Music Production. Also improve your Songwriting techniques,Cinematography, Social presence,Media training and PR (TV, Radio)
  8. You also need to have a good grasp of Artiste management , music marketing, and instrumentation. You can learn online
  9. You need a hit to make it in this industry. There are elements that make a hit song. Find out more on Google.
  10. Talent is good. But hardwork soon overtakes talent that does not work. Keep working!
  11. Keep attending music industry events and make friends. Try not to make it a one-sided relationship.
  12. Get your song played on radio as often as possible. Some of the major industry players are listening.
  13. Read! Yes you need to learn. The internet is a valuable resource for artists.
  14. Practice! Practice! To perfect your art and improve yourself. “I practice till my feet bleed”- Beyonce
  15. Know all you can about record labels and record deals. They are really important in your career
  16. In this industry, image is everything! Look right and get the right image for your career.

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